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Hasura Community Call - Jul 2023

Hasura Community Call - Jul 2023

Jul 27, 2023
9:00 am PT
Virtual Event

Watch our July 2023 community call to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.

Rob Dominguez
Rob Dominguez
Senior Engineer, Hasura
The Brief

What you will learn

Deploy custom code on Hasura!

In a MAJOR enhancement, our CEO Tanmai will show you how you can deploy and host custom code on Hasura today!

What custom data source would you like to see support for in Hasura? File-storage with S3? Vault as a data-source? A cool new DB you’ve been itching to try out and use alongside Postgres? Come to the call and let us know!

Authz performance enhancements

After a recent performance optimization on our permissions system, we discovered a 100x performance difference compared to Postgres RLS! Yeah, we were shocked too, and we discovered that Hasura’s query plans were able to leverage indexes while RLS wasn’t - a simple issue with drastic consequences. Join us to learn more about recent performance enhancements in our permissions system and how to set up advanced permissions.

Hasura v3: DX updates

Preview of new API authoring experience of bootstrapping models from existing data sources, visualizing relationships and getting instant build time validations.

Aggregation queries for PostgreSQL computed fields

You can now perform aggregation queries over computed field results. This opens up many possibilities for creating both more complex transactional API endpoints and BI systems. Join us for a demo!

Group-by advanced aggregations

See how Hasura plans to extend the existing aggregates root fields with a new group_by field. This new feature allows you to group the table rows by columns, aggregate over the rows in the groups, and also return the rows in the groups.

Input validations for mutations on Console

Enhance your development experience by easily configuring external webhooks to perform custom input validations on mutations, ensuring data integrity and improved security without touching the source database.

Community demo: Monetizing Hasura GraphQL APIs for Fun & Profit

Why GraphQL APIs should be metered and how it can be accomplished using Hasura's GraphQL Engine. We'll dive into Hasura's http-logs and webhook auth to lay the groundwork for functional and effective API metering.

🚀 If you've built something with (or for) Hasura, we'd love for you to showcase this in an upcoming Community Call. Let us know through this form  >

Can't wait to see you there!

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