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Community Call - Jan 2024

Community Call - Jan 2024

Jan 25, 2024
9:00 am PT
Virtual Event

Watch our Jan 2024 Community Call Launch Day to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.

v3-engine open source

  • Keeping with Hasura's open source heritage, the Hasura v3 GraphQL Engine is now open source. Built from the ground up in Rust for extremely predictable performance at any scale, v3 folds in all the lessons we've learned from v2. You are invited to contribute to the codebase and contribute on RFCs. Join in as we #buildinpublic and help us build an even better Hasura.
  • Showcase RFC: Evolving the authorization engine in v3 to add entitlements.

Query plan explorer and tracing

Gain insight into Hasura's unmatched performance by visualizing query plans across all data sources, across your whole supergraph. See how cross-data-source queries with declaratively defined supergraph permissions are compiled into performant and database-native queries. Use traces to diagnose performance issues and optimize execution across the whole supergraph.

Join with TypeScript functions (aka action/model to action joins!)

As part of the supergraph mission to join “all the things,” you can now join the supergraph to TypeScript functions. The serverless lambda function style is an easy way to bring your business logic or existing microservices to the supergraph. Functions can be used to add computed properties to supergraph models, or even join between different REST endpoints. You can now do PostgreSQL table JOIN ClickHouse table JOIN TypeScript function JOIN REST endpoint.

Toward development flow state

Focus on the valuable domain bits – write and iterate on your TypeScript functions, database schemas, and domain models and permissions – and the tooling automates the rest. A resource and operation-based interface makes for a consistent way to understand and interact with Hasura DDN. Workflows that are easy to use for new users and continue to scale with complex customizations and large projects.

Rob Dominguez
Rob Dominguez
Senior Engineer, Hasura

🚀 If you've built something with (or for) Hasura, we'd love for you to showcase this in an upcoming Community Call. Let us know through this form  >

Can't wait to see you there! ✨

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