Community Call: Launch Day - July

Community Call: Launch Day - July

Jul 25, 2024
9:00 am PT
Virtual Event

Join our July 2024 Community Call Launch Day to see what’s on our roadmap, early feature demos and product updates from our engineering team.

DDN Federation: Multiple teams, and a single API
It’s finally here! Come check out a demo of DDN Advanced and find out how to launch your GraphQL Federation journey, break down your GraphQL monoliths or just enable the multi-team SDLC collaboration workflows you’ve always wanted with GraphQL subgraphs.

GraphQL Connector
With DDN Advanced available, can a GraphQL connector be far behind? Rahul Agrawal will show us how to bootstrap our GraphQL Federation journey by connecting existing GraphQL APIs to DDN.

REST and gRPC APIs with DDN
A good API platform takes no sides - leveraging its metadata layer (Open DD), DDN will soon help you create REST and gRPC endpoints (in addition to GraphQL). Anon Ray has put his designs down in an RFC and will tell us all about how we’ve learnt from RESTified endpoints.

Filter by Remote Relationships
This is huge! Rakesh Emmadi will show us how DDN’s filtering by remote relationship data i.e. data from another subgraph. This capability can be further extended to filter predicates in permissions to define access control rules (for a table in a DB) with claims in another DB.

Other Product updates

  • CI/CD for DDN deployments
  • Native query experience improvements
  • Mutations for Postgres in DDN
Rob Dominguez
Rob Dominguez
Senior Engineer, Hasura
Rakesh Emmadi
Rakesh Emmadi
Senior Engineer, Hasura

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Can't wait to see you there! ✨

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