Executive Dinner Series: Enterprise GraphQL Data Mesh strategies - CLT

Executive Dinner Series: Enterprise GraphQL Data Mesh strategies - CLT

Aug 21, 2024
7:00 pm PT
Angeline's, Charlotte

Join Engineering Architects, Directors and VPs in your neighborhood for a private dining experience at “Angeline's" to learn everything you wanted to know about leveraging GraphQL for your Data strategies.


From the CIO’s desk: GraphQL Data Mesh or Data Access Layer in Fortune 50 banks
• Data management & governance at international financial institutions
• Data engineering and data solutions
• GraphQL Federation API Platform in a highly federated, highly regulated, polyglot data mesh architecture.

Architect’s demo: GraphQL Federation API platform
• GraphQL architectures and patterns in 2024
• Domain-first GraphQL for better GraphQL RoI
• Implementing GraphQL Federation with Supergraph principles

Ken Stott
Ken Stott
Director, Architecture at Fortune 50 Bank, ex-F100 CIO/CTO, and Managing Director, Deutschebank

What to expect

Data is the new oil. Implementing Data Mesh and other data strategies is top of mind for CIOs and their team. Handling the resultant domain API demand and API/Data federation requirements in Enterprise contexts continues to be a daunting challenge. The recent GenAI boom has added more demands (and sprawl) on the system.

We invite you to an intimate networking dinner with technology leaders in the Charlotte region to discuss how you’re tackling the data sprawl challenges in your org.

Enjoy a delicious meal and drinks as you share best practices, make new connections, and build professional relationships with like-minded executives.


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