Executive Dinner Series: Life beyond Microservices - NYC

Executive Dinner Series: Life beyond Microservices - NYC

Nov 9, 2023
6:00 pm EST
Le Jardinier

We’re getting together with a small group of engineering and architecture executives over dinner & drinks to chat about emerging trends in data and architecture.

What to expect

Breaking up the monolith was and continues to be important. But it is getting more expensive to spin up new microservices and deal with the resulting API sprawl. The recent GenAI boom has added more demands (and sprawl) on the system.

We invite you to an intimate networking dinner with technology leaders in the NYC region to discuss how you’re tackling the microservices and data sprawl challenges in your org.

Enjoy a delicious Michelin-starred meal as you share best practices, make new connections, and build professional relationships with like-minded executives.

Hear from Pierre De Belen

We will kick off the dinner discussion with a conversation with Pierre De Belen, Managing Director and Technology Fellow at Goldman Sachs. Pierre is the head architect and creator of the award-winning data management platform, Legend. He will share their journey building Legend to deal with challenges with data silos, duplication, and quality.
Pierre De Belen
Managing Director at Goldman Sachs
Pierre De Belen

The Event Schedule

6:00 pm

Check-in and networking

6:30 pm

Welcome and opening remarks

7:00 pm

Dinner and discussion

8:30 pm

Event concludes

Let’s connect
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