Executive Dinner Series: Is your data AI ready? - SF

Executive Dinner Series: Is your data AI ready? - SF

Aug 8, 2024
7:00 pm PT
Still House Lounge

Join Engineering Architects, Directors, VPs and AI experts in your neighborhood for a private dining experience to learn everything you need to know about AI and real-time data connectivity. We are bringing together an expert panel of VC’s, founders and AI luminaries to explore how you should do now to prepare yourself for the new AI-driven future.


  • AI Fireside: Preparing your data for AI
    • Your data is not in one place and might never be.
    • We discuss how to prepare your data so AI can consume silo-ed data and business logic in a unified way.
  • AI showcase: What if ChatGPT could talk to your realtime data? • See an AI powered real-time data access layer
    • Learn how to securely connect data & business logic to your LLM
    • Talk to your data - get multi-step query planning and APIs instantly
Tanmai Gopal
Tanmai Gopal
Founder & CEO, Hasura

What to expect

As AI technologies like LLMs innovate at an accelerated pace, connecting AI to enterprise data and creating revolutionary new user experiences is the default expectation. Enterprises are in an arms race with their competitors to realize the potential. But before they can unlock AI, they have to unlock data access.

For enterprise AI, the importance of robust data foundations has never been greater. Traditional data architectures, designed with apps and APIs in mind, are now being pushed to their limits by the demands of advanced AI applications. Our fireside conversation will help you understand what is needed to set your data up for AI success and insight into how your strategy can help you separate from the herd.

Enjoy a delicious meal and drinks as you share best practices, make new connections, and build professional relationships with like-minded executives.

Still House Lounge inside Hotel Z's Dirty Habit rooftop restaurant

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