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Hasura is an open-source tool that brings together all your data into a unified GraphQL API. It starts with an instant GraphQL API generated from your database, and extends with micro-services, REST APIs, and schema federation.

Join this free hands-on workshop to see why major brands are building with Hasura.
Oct 18, 2022
01:00-05:00 PM CET

What we'll learn

We’ll break the workshop into four parts as we look at building applications with Hasura. Combining the parts we’ll end up with an event-driven application that scales horizontally. And the best part, you can swap out any component for the tool or service of your choice.

1. Data Models and Data Layers
We begin with a foundational database schema and layer on additional services to our API to build out a complete data layer to drive our application.
2. Event Architecture with Postgres Events
Next, evolve our data layer with Hasura’s event-triggers to provide asynchronous data-flows for performing complex business logic under the hood. We’ll look at Hasura’s real-time APIs that allow us to monitor changes to data as both state and streams.
3. Lay it out in Low-Code
We’ll implement a layout with low-code providers to quickly show UIs for our data-layer. This is not just a time-saver for the workshop, learn how low-code tools are shaking up the internal-tool game at major corporations around the world.

Seriously, check out these low-code loving logos using this stack:
4. Rinse, Repeat, Review
The final act for this stack is how simple it is to envolve this pattern by adding additional services, front-ends, and more. We’ll look at type-generation, SDKs, GraphQL tooling, and more.
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I have not heard of Hasura. Is this course for me?
Join the workshop. But more importantly, Hasura is an open-source engine that converts databases into GraphQL APIs instantly - we’re talking less than 2 minutes. It lets you connect other APIs, functions, and more into a single API.
But what if I’m not an <insert technology> Developer?
You can use Hasura with anything. Really. In fact, this workshop will be *almost* exclusively low-code/no-code. Just apply it to whatever tool you like to use. We’re building a data layer.
What should I know?
It’s helpful to know “about” technology such as GraphQL, REST, and Postgres, but if you’re just looking for a solid foundation to build apps quickly, having a laptop and some solid technical understanding is all you need!
What should I bring?
This is an interactive workshop. We’ll look at data models, databases, microservices, and more. Scratchpads and coffee cups will be essential.
Who is this for?
Frankly, everyone. We’re teaching an architecture pattern for event-driven applications. You can scale it up and down as needed. Got a go function running at the edge of the galaxy. Great! Got a Webflow app that you want to do more with? You’ll learn stuff, too.
What does this cost?
Hasura is sponsoring the event.
Hosted by
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Senior Developer Advocate at Hasura

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