Instant and flavourful APIs: Serving up endpoints faster than 2-minute noodles

Join us for an upcoming webinar on the role of API automation in modernisation projects. We'll dive deep into the challenges and opportunities that inevitably come along for the ride when modernising application ecosystems. We’ll also be providing you with an exclusive look at the benefits of using Hasura as your trusted companion on the API automation journey.
timeJun 14, 2023
time11:00 AM SGT
What you will learn:
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    Understanding the modernisation landscape:
    Let's start by exploring a typical digital ecosystem and its component parts together. We'll take a closer look at the complexities that accompany any modernisation project and uncover different modernisation patterns, like microservices, a migration back into a monolith, or the classic lift and shift. We'll also discuss the risks and potential disruptions to your business so you can make well-informed decisions as you plan your end-state architecture and build a strategy for how to get there.
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    Project planning for successful modernisation:
    You don't want to miss this part – invaluable insights into modernisation project planning considerations. We'll cover everything from resource allocation and budgeting to analysing the total cost of ownership (TCO). We want to ensure your modernisation journey is smooth sailing, so we'll share tips on structuring an effective project plan.
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    Why building APIs from scratch isn't the best approach:
    Let's face it, building APIs from scratch can be a real headache. We'll walk you through the challenges and time constraints you might face on that route. However, fear not! We have a better solution for you. We'll introduce you to the world of instant GraphQL and REST APIs and explain why leveraging them is a game-changer when it comes to accelerating your API modernisation efforts.
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    Introducing Hasura – accelerate your time to production with API automation from Hasura:
    Here's where the magic happens! Discover how Hasura provides instant GraphQL and REST APIs as an essential part of your modernisation journey. Hasura can help you speed up your time to production-ready APIs by 10x, reduce backend development time by 50-80%, increase productivity, and seamlessly integrate with your existing databases.
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    Live Demo – witness the power of Hasura in action:
    Get ready to see everything come to fruition! We'll give you a front-row seat to an exciting live demonstration where you can witness firsthand how Hasura simplifies project delivery and reduces risk when running a modernisation program. You’ll see how plugging Hasura into your ecosystem accelerates your time-to-market and lets you build faster.


Presented by
Adam Malone
Adam Malone
Head of Customer Engineering (APAC), Hasura