GraphQL at Gravity Heights San Diego

GraphQL at Gravity Heights San Diego


Join us for arcade games, appetizers, and beverages with other San Diego technology leaders.

Dannick Liudzius
Dannick Liudzius
Sales Engineer, Hasura
The Brief

What you will learn

Dannick Liudzius, SE, will offer an exploration of the evolution of application development over lunch, and after we'll enjoy a round of Gravity Heights.

App servers and ORMs are being replaced by data layers and core data services that are making data-access self-service and significantly improving developer productivity. Dannick Liudzius will showcase the Hasura platform that supports the vision of simplified data-access and development workflows for all devs.

Hasura is a founding member of the GraphQL foundation and has quickly become the world's leading data access company. We are headquartered in San Francisco with employees distributed globally.

Those in attendance will also have the chance to enter a raffle for AirPods and AirTags! Don't miss out and register now.

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