Supergraph Round Table

Supergraph Round Table

Jun 5, 2024
9:00 am PT
Virtual Event

A roundtable discussion with industry peers on the GraphQL Federation strategies and execution tactics. This discussion will be aided by Supergraph principles for GraphQL platforms.

We are limiting participation to 20-25 people to keep this interactive and encourage peer-peer conversations. RSVP now!

Sandip Devarkonda
Sandip Devarkonda
Field CTO, Hasura
The Brief

Supergraph is an architecture framework that offers reference architectures, design guidelines/principles and an operating model to help multiple teams to collaborate on a self-serve GraphQL federation platform. Using the principles from this framework, in this interactive roundtable discussion, Hasura will lead a discussion on:

  • Why enterprises need a GraphQL federation platform
  • Common challenges with building GraphQL Federation platforms and how to solve them
  • Best practices and success stories from the field
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