Hasura Lunch and Learn

Join us for a private lunch and beverages at Ocean Prime with other New York technology leaders.
LocationOcean Prime - New York
timeJul 27, 2022
time12:30 PM
  • The Path to the Ultimate Data API with GraphQL: the Why, the How and the Future
  • There are two massive movements happening in the industry today that necessitate the need for a data API. We see the inevitability of data continuing to explode across three fronts:
  • a)  The volume of data
  • b)  The type of data (graph, structured, unstructured, time-series, relational)
  • c)  The things we’re doing with the data (transactional, analytical, ML/AI).
  • Simultaneously, we’re at a turning point in the industry when “frontend” application development has come into its own. Users across the world are demanding the best possible product experiences, causing frontend complexity to rival that of “backend systems” - albeit with a very different set of technical trade-offs around performance and security. Products need to be built fast, they need to have amazing experiences, they need to do a lot more to keep up with what users want and the development stack at the edge is a whole new beast!
  • Sr. Sales Engineer Chris Toth will talk about how a data API is emerging as the most powerful point of leverage to unlock data and modern product development. He will discuss what it takes to make GraphQL the ultimate data API and what the path forward looks like.
  • If you’re thinking about how to make your team or organization’s data available in a way that will continuously evolve and support new use-cases over the coming years, or if you’re thinking about how to design your tech stack to support the next generation of product development and modernization, this talk is for you!
  • Venue Address - Ocean Prime, 123 West 52 Street New York, NY 10019


Presented by
Chris Toth
Chris Toth
Senior Sales Engineer, Hasura