Data APIs: A Stable Delivery Interface for a Chaotic Data-First World

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LocationGarage 1130 Broadway
timeJUN 15, 2023
time3-5 PM PST
  • Enterprise data continues to explode. It’s also siloed across many more tools than before. How does a modern, data-first organization enable their engineers to easily get the data they need to build data-rich apps and services? How can they enable this access in a way that doesn’t create security or compliance risks?Data APIs, specifically GraphQL, are key to solving this problem, and in this session we’ll cover how Hasura:
    • TickInstantly generates a realtime, secure and high-performant GraphQL CRUD & Aggregation API over data sources.
    • TickRapidly develops ABAC, RBAC, and Hierarchical multi-tenant permission schemes.
    • TickExpose an existing REST API as a GraphQL query via importing an OpenAPI spec.
    • TickFederate and “join” across data sources to provide a unified GraphQL API.

    Venue Address - Garage 1130 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122


Presented by
David Lavigne
David Lavigne
Senior Sales Engineer, Hasura