Accelerate app dev on Snowflake with low-code APIs

Do you need dynamic data APIs (GraphQL or REST) on Snowflake to allow your dev teams to rapidly build custom apps on Snowflake data?

With so much data centralized in Snowflake, enterprises want to maximize the value and impact of that data by directly building apps and data products on top of Snowflake. But, usually these initiatives are stalled/slow because the Snowflake platform team lacks the backend expertise and/or bandwidth needed to create high-quality data APIs to expose this data in a secure and performant way. Join this webinar to see how Hasura can help.
timeAUG 30, 2023
time11 AM PDT
During this webinar, you’ll learn about:
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    Why we need APIs on Snowflake
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    Common pains with building high-quality APIs
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    GraphQL or REST on Snowflake
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    Hasura + Snowflake connector overview
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    1. Generate low-latency API on Snowflake in 2 minutes
    2. Declaratively configuring access control
    3. Why Hasura-generated APIs are fast OOTB
    4. Deploy the APIs, and using it for custom app dev


Presented by
David Meleney
David Meleney
Senior Product Manager at Hasura