Accelerating GraphQL federation by accelerating subgraph delivery

Accelerating GraphQL federation by accelerating subgraph delivery

Mar 19, 2024
9:00 am PT

Apollo Studio, Apollo Router, GraphQL Mesh, Hot Chocolate, or Hasura – no matter what GraphQL federation tooling you use, subgraph development is the rate-limiting factor in building a federated GraphQL API. Join this session to learn how Hasura accelerates subgraph development to unlock GraphQL federation and ROI across a whole range of tools.

David Ventimiglia
David Ventimiglia
Senior Technical Architect, Hasura
Sandip Devarkonda
Sandip Devarkonda
Field CTO, Hasura
Uri Goldshtein
Uri Goldshtein
Founder, The Guild Software
Jeff Auriemma
Jeff Auriemma
Senior Engineering Manager, Apollo GraphQL
Shane Myrick
Shane Myrick
Principal Solutions Architect, Apollo GraphQL
The Brief

What you will learn

GraphQL federation, or composition, is the default operating model for unifying data and value across multiple subgraphs into a unified, federated GraphQL API. In this webinar, we’ll explore various GraphQL federation tools and architectures, and explain why building subgraphs quickly is critical for fast delivery of a federated GraphQL API.

We’ll deep dive into the architecture of popular federation tools like Apollo Studio or Router, GraphQL Mesh, Hot Chocolate, etc., and showcase how Hasura perfectly complements them as a subgraph.

Hasura’s subgraphs help you avoid the time and effort involved in writing boilerplate code for GraphQL resolvers, letting you focus on custom business logic – the only differentiated aspect of your API. With authorization and security baked in, Hasura’s subgraphs provide developer teams with a seamless operating model to federate into a unified GraphQL supergraph.

Who should attend this session?
  • Developers who use GraphQL federation tooling and want more from the investment in federation tools
  • Practitioners who want to accelerate their GraphQL federation journey by quickly building new subgraphs
  • Anyone curious about GraphQL and GraphQL federation, and wants to know how best to architect your GraphQL backend
  • A comparison of GraphQL federation architectures
  • Demo:
    •  - Instantly build two subgraphs using Hasura
    •  - Federating over subgraphs using GraphQL federation tools
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