Autogenerate GraphQL and REST APIs on all your data

Autogenerate GraphQL and REST APIs on all your data

Jul 11, 2024
9:00 am PT

Hasura automates 50-80% of the manual effort that goes into backend API development. Join dev masters Tristen Harr and Praveen Duraiaju on Tuesday, July 11, at 9:00 am PST to see how Hasura’s API engine automates development, and lets you go from data to a production-ready API in minutes.

Tristen Harr
Tristen Harr
Technical Evangelist, Hasura
Praveen Durairaju
Praveen Durairaju
Developer Advocate, Hasura
The Brief

What you will learn

API development makes up a significant portion of the effort and time it takes to ship a new feature or product. According to the Postman State of API report, developers are spending > 50% of their time on building APIs.

To get an API production-ready, a lot of work is involved: writing CRUD code (or resolvers in the GraphQL world), tuning API performance, coding authorization logic, managing the API infrastructure, and all of the other bits like monitoring, reliability, and more.

Ready to go from data to production-ready GraphQL or REST API in minutes, without losing any of the flexibility or control you need in the API dev process? With Hasura, you can radically shrink the time you and your dev teams spend building APIs on data. Join this webinar to learn how!

In this technical talk, dev masters Tristen Harr and Praveen Durairaju will cover:

  • Common challenges with hand-coding APIs
  • Hasura overview and demo:
    • - Autogenerate GraphQL and REST APIs on any data
    • - Declarative access control and governance
    • - Performance, security, and observability
    • - Plugging in custom business logic
    • - Integrating Hasura into CI/CD workflows
  • Common questions and objections with autogenerated APIs
Who this talk is for:
  • Backend developers building data APIs
  • Anyone dealing with pains of creating/maintaining domain service APIs
  • Architects responsible for API strategy (especially in modernization initiatives)

If your current API development workflows are slowing down time to market on new features and products, this is a session you don’t want to miss.

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