Automated API Deployments with GitHub Integration on Hasura Cloud

Learn how you can apply any schema or metadata changes automatically with a simple git push to a configured branch on a GitHub repo using Hasura Cloud.
timeOct 06, 2021
time9 AM PST
What you will learn
  • As you start building your app and want to incrementally test your API changes, you need to set up a CI/CD workflow to apply the Hasura metadata and database schema migrations. Hasura Cloud takes care of this by helping you configure a GitHub repo and a branch of choice per project, allowing you to simply do a commit and git push to trigger an API deployment.
  • In this hands-on webinar, we will look at how to perform these automatic updates for the following use cases:
  • Tick
    Moving from Hasura Cloud to Local Development
  • Tick
    Moving from Local Development to Hasura Cloud
  • Tick
    Moving between Hasura Cloud instances


Presented by
Praveen Durairaju
Praveen Durairaju
Developer Advocate at Hasura