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Data Federation with Hasura & GraphQL

Join data across your databases, microservices & SaaS services (GraphQL & REST) with Hasura
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    Access all your data with a GraphQL API no matter where it lives with Hasura's remote join feature
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    Easy to set up, secure and highly performant out-of-the-box
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    Learn how Hasura saves you time
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    Watch a few live-demos on use case
  • If you or your team are struggling to get a single " source of truth", because your data is spread across more and more 3rd party APIs, multiple databases & microservices, this webinar could be useful for you.
  • The webinar will include a 30 minutes presentation followed by a live Q&A.
About the Presenters
Tirumarai Selvan
Tirumarai Selvan
Product Manager at Hasura

We’d love to connect with you at one of our many global events.

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