Exploring the State of the API

Exploring the State of the API

Aug 31, 2022
9:30 am PDT
Virtual Event

Join Abhinav Asthana, CEO & Co-founder of Postman and Tanmai Gopal, CEO & Co-founder of Hasura as they dive into some of the key findings from the recent State of the API report and how they see the ecosystem evolving.

Tanmai Gopal
Tanmai Gopal
Co-founder and CEO, Hasura
Abhinav Asthana
Abhinav Asthana
Co-founder & CEO, Postman
The Brief

In this session we’ll discuss:

The 2022 State of the API report reinforces previous years' findings: APIs are the building blocks of modern software, and organizations are increasing the amount of time they invest in API development – for both internal and external applications.

  • How the adoption of APIs in organizations is spreading and evolving beyond the core developer audience; developers now account for only 50% of those working with APIs
  • The growing use of APIs for internal use cases, especially for sharing data and other services between teams
  • Why GraphQL and other architectural styles are continuing to gain ground on REST
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