SQL Server Support & Hasura 2.0

Unveiling our new mission-critical features and improvements
timeMAR 4, 2021
time11:30 AM PT
What you will learn
  • Come join us as we unveil the biggest release of our open source GraphQL engine since we launched!
  • This webinar is for developers and architects tasked with quickly solving data and API architectures to unlock the power of their web, mobile, and integration projects.
  • Learn what's new in our announcement!
  • We’ll go over all the new capabilities in our v2 release:
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    Connect to multiple databases:
    Commercial support for new databases, including SQL Server and Google BigQuery
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    Generate REST APIs:
    Create GraphQL and REST APIs from one configuration
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    Enhanced Authorization:
    Introducing the first GraphQL Gateway, providing authorization for all your GraphQL APIs, not just ones created in Hasura.
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    Hasura Cloud & AWS VPC Peering:
    Connect your on-prem or private cloud to Hasura Cloud to create private, secure, connectivity to your existing data.
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    How To Get Started:
    Resources to learn more and how to get our new demo app to easily get started


Presented by
Tanmai Gopal
Tanmai Gopal
Founder & CEO at Hasura