How Momentum Built a Secure and Scalable Multi-Tenant Application with Hasura

How Momentum Built a Secure and Scalable Multi-Tenant Application with Hasura

Mar 23, 2023
10:00 am PT
Virtual Event

Are your developers still relying on a shared REST API service to build applications? Shared REST API services can significantly slow down developers (especially front-end teams) and cause reliability issues as you add new features or scale.

Hear from the co-founders of Momentum, a revenue workflow automation platform, as they share their experience of building a secure, compliant, and multi-tenant application from day one with scalability and re-usability built-in using Hasura. In doing so, they saved weeks of development time and avoided the pitfalls of using a shared REST API service.

Santiago Suarez Ordonez
Santiago Suarez Ordonez
Co-Founder & CEO, Momentum
Moiz Virani
Moiz Virani
CTO, Momentum
The Brief

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

Why Momentum decided to go with GraphQL instead of a shared REST API service
The importance of multitenancy and the challenges that arise when security is compromised.
Lessons learned from previous experiences in building a successful business from the ground up.
How to take advantage of Hasura's features like a role-based security model and web socket support to build a scalable, secure, and reliable application.

Join us for this insightful webinar to learn how you can build and ship fast without over-relying on backend engineers for API development or facing blockers between teams.

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