Java and the state of GraphQL

Java and the state of GraphQL

Jul 2, 2024
9:00 am PT

Join us for a comprehensive overview of the GraphQL Java ecosystem for building production-grade APIs. We’ll compare the different approaches within this space across dimensions like time-to-value, performance, and API quality. Code-first or schema-first, low-code or only-code, to generate or not to generate – we’ll do a deep dive into Netflix DGS, graphql-java, and Hasura to help you decide which strategies to keep and which strategies to leave behind on your road to success.

David Ventimiglia
David Ventimiglia
Senior Technical Architect, Hasura
The Brief

What you will learn

The GraphQL Java ecosystem is rich in its diversity of approaches to building production-grade GraphQL APIs.

The maintainers of the Netflix DGS and the graphql-java library recommend what is commonly referred to as "schema-first" development of GraphQL servers. Others are not so sure, however, including the maintainers of the documentation for graphql-java who write that their library "offers two different ways of defining the schema [code-first and schema-first]." Hasura itself offers a third way - low-code and *database* schema-first development of GraphQL APIs.

In this webinar, we’ll roll up our sleeves and wrangle some code/configuration for these different approaches to address the pros and cons of each one.

Who should attend this session?
  • Java developers or architects interested in building GraphQL APIs
  • Netflix DGS or graphql-java practitioners who want to build APIs faster
  • Netflix DGS or graphql-java practitioners who want to fix non-performant GraphQL APIs
  • Learn two ways of building GraphQL APIs or subgraphs using various tools available in the GraphQL Java ecosystem
  • A demonstration of the code/configuration required by each tool
  • Compare the pros and cons of these tools
  • Benchmark the performance across these tools
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