Learn how to automatically build GraphQL APIs with ChatGPT & Hasura

Exploring the intersection of AI generated data models and engine generated APIs.
timeMay 10, 2023
time9:00AM PST
  • Join us for an exciting webinar on how to accelerate your GraphQL API development with the power of ChatGPT and Hasura. In this session, we'll show you how AI-generated data models can be combined with Hasura's API generation capabilities to speed up the process of building and extending data models.

    But that's not all - we'll also delve into the legal considerations around AI in the workplace and provide practical tips for adopting AI safely. Additionally, we'll share some of the latest advancements in Large Language Model (LLM) technology and demonstrate how they can help boost developer productivity by 10x. This webinar is a must-attend for anyone looking to leverage cutting-edge technology to build better, faster APIs.


Presented by
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Senior Sales Engineer, Hasura