Replacing Shopify in 4 weeks with Hasura and React

Replacing Shopify in 4 weeks with Hasura and React

Nov 10, 2021
9:00 am PT
Virtual Event

Learn how Cajoo used Hasura to bring their e-commerce stack in-house while scaling to hundreds of thousands of users with a super lean engineering team.

Jérémy Gotteland
Jérémy Gotteland
Co-founder & CTO, Cajoo
The Brief

What you will learn

Cajoo is a French direct-to-customer delivery app that promises delivery in 15 minutes.It is one of the fastest growing startups in Europe that recently raised 40M$ in funding

They’ve replaced their ecommerce backoffice (Shopify) with Hasura and a custom web interface to provide faster response time to their users while improving the tech team’s velocity.

It’s worked so well for them that they then went on and replaced other pieces of their stack using the same architecture: their Warehouse Management System as well as Courier Apps teams have followed the same patterns.

They’ve replatformed their customer & courier mobile apps and their warehouse admin app to use Hasura with React Native powering the front-end.The whole project took just four weeks and a team of 3 developers!

In this webinar we speak to their CTO to learn about their migration to Hasura and how it has allowed them to scale fast. We’ll cover:

Why Hasura

What led the team to choose Hasura? What problem were they trying to solve?


How did they go about planning the replatforming, and what lessons did they learn?

Observations from running Hasura in Production

How has using Hasura impact their business overall?

What’s next

What do they have planned in the coming months?

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