Replacing Shopify in 4 weeks with Hasura and React

Learn how Cajoo used Hasura to bring their e-commerce stack in-house while scaling to hundreds of thousands of users with a super lean engineering team.
timeNov 10, 2021
time9 AM PST
What you will learn
  • Cajoo is a French direct-to-customer delivery app that promises delivery in 15 minutes.It is one of the fastest growing startups in Europe that recently raised 40M$ in funding
  • They’ve replaced their ecommerce backoffice (Shopify) with Hasura and a custom web interface to provide faster response time to their users while improving the tech team’s velocity.
  • It’s worked so well for them that they then went on and replaced other pieces of their stack using the same architecture: their Warehouse Management System as well as Courier Apps teams have followed the same patterns.
  • They’ve replatformed their customer & courier mobile apps and their warehouse admin app to use Hasura with React Native powering the front-end.The whole project took just four weeks and a team of 3 developers!
  • In this webinar we speak to their CTO to learn about their migration to Hasura and how it has allowed them to scale fast. We’ll cover:
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    Why Hasura:
    What led the team to choose Hasura? What problem were they trying to solve?
  • Tick
    How did they go about planning the replatforming, and what lessons did they learn?
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    Observations from running Hasura in Production:
    How has using Hasura impact their business overall?
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    What’s next:
    What do they have planned in the coming months?


Presented by
Jérémy Gotteland
Jérémy Gotteland
Co-founder & CTO, Cajoo