An introduction to REST connectors in Hasura
The Brief

Hasura has had the ability to integrate with existing REST APIs through actions for quite sometime, but this step always required a form of middleware proxying and transforming the request. With Action, Event, and CRON Transforms, you can now integrate directly with REST APIs by transforming the request and response, eliminating the need for proxy servers.

In this webinar we’ll have a look at the problem REST connectors are solving, and how to write them from scratch. We’ll look at common use cases, how to find existing ones in the Hasura Hub, and how to use this great new feature to write more domain code and less glue

Together we will:

  • Look at REST connectors in detail
  • Have an introduction to Kriti Lang, our transformation engine
  • Discover existing transforms on the Hasura Hub
  • Write our own transforms for Actions and Events
  • Discover existing transforms on the Hasura Hub

The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A, so do bring any questions you may have!

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