Scaling a real-time application: Lineup Ninja's migration journey from Firebase to Hasura

Faced with geo-restricted service boundaries, Lineup Ninja needed to migrate their functional-reactive architecture from Firebase to a solution available where their customer’s needed it. In this webinar, we’ll look at the design decisions in migrating from Firebase to Hasura and their incremental adoption of streaming subscriptions to dramatically reduce their client load.
timeJan 31, 2023
time10:00AM PT
  • Gordon is the technical founder of Lineup Ninja. He started his career over 20 years ago as a Solaris sysadmin and worked various infrastructure and development roles at blue chip organizations on the way to becoming an architect for video streaming platforms. He embarked on the entrepreneurial journey in 2017, joining with a friend to bootstrap Lineup Ninja. Gordon has worked closely with Hasura since 2018 and has previously spoken at Hasura Con and on the Community Call.


Presented by
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
Technical Product Marketing at Hasura
Gordon Johnston
Gordon Johnston
Lineup Ninja Co-Founder