The state of GraphQL tooling for Node.js

The state of GraphQL tooling for Node.js

Feb 27, 2024
9:00 am PT

Are you navigating the complexities of GraphQL API creation and striving for high performance in your Node.js backend stack? Whether you're a GraphQL enthusiast, a Node.js developer, or someone aiming for optimal API performance, this webinar will teach you how to accelerate your API creation journey and focus on meaningful backend work.

Sandip Devarkonda
Sandip Devarkonda
Field CTO, Hasura
Praveen Durairaju
Praveen Durairaju
Staff Developer Advocate, Hasura
The Brief

If you’ve ever built a GraphQL server in any of the Node.js frameworks, you would have come across various steps before exposing the API endpoint in GraphQL. Among all the repetitive steps, writing resolvers in GraphQL is the most time-consuming, a heavy lift, and something you keep fiddling with as the API changes.

Optimizing for performance is a huge concern for production readiness. How do you escape the loop of writing tons of boilerplate code and optimizing for performance and security?

During this webinar, you will:
  • Learn about GraphQL server tooling in Node.js, compiler vs. resolver approaches, and why you shouldn't manually build CRUD APIs
  • Come across performance implications of implementing a GraphQL server and how Hasura solves for performance with some benchmarks to showcase the difference between the two approaches
  • See a demo of how Hasura autogenerates a CRUD GraphQL API on PostgreSQL, and by contrast the boilerplate involved in handwriting resolvers
  • Discover how to re-use an existing GraphQL API in Node.js with Hasura and also write the most lightweight business logic code to support the autogenerated CRUD GraphQL API
  • If you have existing REST endpoints, learn how you can use Hasura to map it to GraphQL types and, if it is compatible with OpenAPI spec, how to transform that declaratively to GraphQL without writing any code

Whatever your preferred backend language or framework, this webinar will be helpful to engineers who are spending a non-trivial effort on building, optimizing, and operating data APIs.

Who should attend this session?
  • Node.js developers or architects interested in building GraphQL APIs
  • You want to build APIs faster
  • You want a high-performance GraphQL or REST API
  • Overview of GraphQL Server tooling with Node.js
  • Compiler vs. Resolver approach to building a GraphQL API
  • Demo:
    •  - Instantly build subgraphs with Hasura
    •  - Boilerplate CRUD API with Node.js
  • Performance implications with benchmarks
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