CascadiaJS Workshop - Generated TypeScript Tooling with Hasura
The Brief

What you will learn

Imagine owning a sports car but never making it into top gear. That’s a little like using the strongly typed GraphQL without a strongly typed front-end language. This workshop will give you the background you need to get the best of both worlds without the headache and second-guessing. This will be a 2 hour workshop with plenty of time to code along and ask any questions.


Familiarity with React, Visual Studio Code, a Hasura Cloud account, ability to add a database to your cloud account (Heroku account etc).

In this workshop we'll work through:

  • The basics of relational data
  • Designing a set of basic data models for our exercise
  • Scaffolding a GraphQL API to interact with our data
  • Using tools to generate a type-safe SDK for the API
  • Building a small Next.js app using our generated SDK to communicate with our GQL service & database
  • Integrating the typed SDK with Apollo Client
  • JWT auth, and integrating it with Apollo Client
  • Deploying the frontend to Vercel
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