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With Hasura you can get instant GraphQL APIs on all your databases, speeding up development time and making your engineering teams super productive.
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Starting is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Step 1

Connect your database with Hasura and automagically create your data API
Step 2

Step 2

Configure authentication, authorization, and allow-lists to secure your API
Step 3

Step 3

Connect all your apps!
University of Virginia
Peter Downs

Hasura is a fantastic way to create a data fetching layer to our database. It’s ultra-stable and often better at planning queries than ones we were writing ourselves.

Peter Downs
Director of Engineering, Pipe

Guides and Resources

Explore and learn more about Hasura and GraphQL with our extensive resources


Introduction to GraphQL

With GraphQL you can fetch exactly what you want from your app’s backend.

How to set up a Database

Advanced tutorials covering various configurations to secure data access

Host your Hasura Instance

Run Hasura GraphQL Engine on any Cloud Provider

Database Samples

Database samples to get you started
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