Run mutation, update cache

Firstly, let us define the mutation that we looked at in the previous section. Define the following mutation in lib/data/todo_fetch.dart.

+ static String addTodo =
+ '''mutation addTodo(\$title: String!, \$isPublic: Boolean!) {
+ action: insert_todos(objects: { title: \$title, is_public: \$isPublic }) {
+ returning {
+ id
+ title
+ is_completed
+ }
+ }
+ }''';

Now let's do the integration part.

We will wrap the AddTask widget inside lib/screens/tabs/todo/all.dart with Mutation widget passing our graphql mutation string in Mutation Option as a document.

+ Mutation(
+ options: MutationOptions(
+ documentNode: gql(TodoFetch.addTodo),
+ update: (Cache cache, QueryResult result) {
+ return cache;
+ },
+ onCompleted: (dynamic resultData) {
+ refetchQuery();
+ },
+ ),
+ builder: (
+ RunMutation runMutation,
+ QueryResult result,
+ ) {
- AddTask(
+ return AddTask(
onAdd: (value) {
- todoList.addTodo(value);
+ runMutation({'title': value, 'isPublic': false});
- ),
+ );
+ },
+ ),

The mutation widget optionally takes various callbacks like onCompleted and update.

We are calling the runMutation function to our Button's onAdd callback. We are also passing the query variables that is title and isPublic to this runMutation function so that our mutation is called with those variables. title is the value of the textfeild while isPublic is the type of the todo, and we are explicitly marking it as false as it's a private todo.

The mutation has been integrated and the new todos will be inserted into the database. But the UI doesn't know that a new todo has been added. We need a way to tell GraphQL client to refetch the query to update list of todos.

The onCompleted callback function comes in handy to update the cache for this mutation.So we will call refetchQuery in onCompleted callback.

Great! That was actually easy :)

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