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Remove todos - Integration

Let us integrate the remove todos feature in our Flutter app. Initially add the following mutation string in lib/data/todo_fetch.dart.

+ static String deleteTodo = """mutation delete(\$id:Int!) {
+ action: delete_todos(where: {id: {_eq: \$id}}) {
+ returning {
+ id
+ }
+ }
+ }""";

Now, in TodoItemTile widget, update the trailing widget i.e InkWell and wrap it in a mutation widget.

- trailing: Inkwell
+ trailing: Mutation(
+ options: MutationOptions(document: deleteDocument),
+ builder: (
+ RunMutation runMutation,
+ QueryResult result,
+ ) {
+ return InkWell(
onTap: () {
- delete();
+ runMutation(deleteRunMutaion);
child: Container(
decoration: BoxDecoration(
border: Border(left: BorderSide(color: Colors.grey))),
width: 60,
height: double.infinity,
child: Icon(Icons.delete)),
- ),
+ );
+ },
+ onCompleted: (onValue) {
+ refetchQuery();
+ },
+ )

The above code is not using delete callback but it's using deleteDocument, deleteRunMutaion to pass mutation query and mutation variable repectively,So define them in constructor of TodoItemTile widget itself and remove delete callback function from the constructor. Pass your delete mutation query and delete variable document in the widget from screens i.e all.dart , active.dart and completed.dart.

class TodoItemTile extends StatelessWidget {
final TodoItem item;
- final Function delete;
final String toggleDocument;
final Map<String, dynamic> toggleRunMutaion;
+ final String deleteDocument;
+ final Map<String, dynamic> deleteRunMutaion;
final Function refetchQuery;
Key key,
@required this.item,
- @required this.delete,
@required this.toggleDocument,
@required this.toggleRunMutaion,
+ @required this.deleteDocument,
+ @required this.deleteRunMutaion,
}) : super(key: key);

Now in lib/screens/tabs/todos/all.dart modify your code accordingly.

return TodoItemTile(
item: TodoItem.fromElements(
responseData["id"], responseData['title'], responseData['is_completed']),
- delete:(){} ,
toggleDocument: TodoFetch.toggleTodo,
toggleRunMutaion: {'id': responseData["id"], 'isCompleted': !responseData['is_completed']},
+ deleteDocument: TodoFetch.deleteTodo,
+ deleteRunMutaion: {
+ 'id': responseData["id"],
+ },
refetchQuery: refetchQuery,

Use same refetchQuery call back in onCompleted function to update the UI.

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