RxDB setup

Add RxDB dependency

Open package.json and add the following line under the dependencies section

"rxdb": "^8.7.4"

Now run npm install

Create RxDB schema

The next step is to create a schema for RxDB to understand. Create a file src/components/Schema.js with the following contents

export const todoSchema = {
'title': 'todo schema',
'description': 'todo schema',
'version': 0,
'type': 'object',
'properties': {
'id': {
'type': 'string',
'primary': true
'text': {
'type': 'string'
'isCompleted': {
'type': 'boolean'
'createdAt': {
'type': 'string',
'format': 'date-time',
'index': true,
'updatedAt': {
'type': 'string',
'format': 'date-time'
'userId': {
'type': 'string'
'required': ['text', 'isCompleted', 'userId', 'createdAt'],
additionalProperties: true

The above code tells RxDB what all fields will be present in a todo item. You can learn more about RxDB schema from the documentation

Initialize RxDB

Create a file src/components/Database.js with the following contents:

import RxDB from 'rxdb';
import { todoSchema } from './Schema';
import RxDBSchemaCheckModule from 'rxdb/plugins/schema-check';
import RxDBErrorMessagesModule from 'rxdb/plugins/error-messages';
import RxDBValidateModule from 'rxdb/plugins/validate';
export const createDb = async () => {
console.log('DatabaseService: creating database..');
const db = await RxDB.create({
name: 'tododb',
adapter: 'idb',
console.log('DatabaseService: created database');
window['db'] = db; // write to window for debugging
await db.collection({
name: 'todos',
schema: todoSchema
return db;

The above code initializes RxDB and the todos collection with the schema we created above. RxDB has various adapters that it can use to store data. In this tutorial we use pouchdb-adapter-idb which is PouchDB running on top of IndexDB. You can learn more about adapters over here

Once RxDB is initialized, you'll be able to play around with RxDB from the devtools console in your browser, Open the webconsole on the browser and try the following:

> window.db.todos.insert({
id: "mytodo1",
text: 'Todo 1',
isCompleted: false,
createdAt: new Date().toISOString(),
updatedAt: new Date().toISOString(),
userId: localStorage.getItem("userId")
}).then((doc) => console.log(doc.toJSON()))

This should output something like this:

id: "mytodo1",
text: "Todo 1",
isCompleted: false,
createdAt: "2019-12-31T16:31:24.541Z",
updatedAt: "2019-12-31T16:31:24.541Z",
userId: "google-oauth2|117035715025033185506",
_rev: "1-648021ff54ae3ed8cc2e27982e08b44c"

We are now ready to integrate RxDB with the rest of the app.