Integrating RxDB

Creating todos

Open src/components/Todo/TodoInput.js. You will see an empty addTodo method in the TodoInput class. Change it as follows:

// Add this import at the top of the file:
import uuidv4 from 'uuid/v4';
addTodo(text) {
id: uuidv4(),
text: text,
isCompleted: false,
createdAt: new Date().toISOString(),
userId: this.props.auth.userId

Also add the uuid package to package.json under the dependencies section:

"uuid": "^3.3.3"

You can now create Todos from the UI. However they will not appear in the Todo list yet. For that we need to load todos from RxDB as well

Loading Todos from RxDB

Open src/components/TodoListWrapper.js and add the following code to TodoListWrapper class:

class TodoListWrapper extends Component {
componentDidMount() {
.sort('createdAt').$.subscribe(todos => {
if (!todos) {
this.setState({ todos });

In the above code we are providing RxDB with a callback function to be called whenever there is a change to the todos collection.

Marking a todo as completed

Open src/components/Todo/TodoItem.js. You will see an empty toggleTodo function. Change it as follows:

const toggleTodo = () => {
$set: {
isCompleted: !todo.isCompleted,

You should now be able to toggle todos from the UI. RxDB uses mongo-update-syntax for updating fields. You can see the supported operators over here. In the above code we are using the $set operator to toggle the isCompleted field.

Note that when we update a todo RxDB will automatically re-run the callback function we provided while loading todos. This is the 'Reactive' part of RxDB. Without RxDB we will have to either query the database periodically or have setup some kind of a notification mechanism whenever a todo is created, updated or deleted.

Deleting a todo

In the same file change the removeTodo function as follows:

const removeTodo = (e) => {

Clearing completed todos

Open src/components/Todo/TodoList.js and change the empty clearCompleted method as show below:

clearCompleted() {
this.props.db.todos.find({ isCompleted: true}).remove()

At this point we can create, edit & delete todos client-side only and everything will work entirely offline too!

However, if you say open the app in a different browser and login, you will not see the todo items you created in the first browser window. The next step is to setup a two way sync between RxDB and Hasura.

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