Set up GraphQL PPX

In our previous step we successfully configured Apollo. Next, we need to setup GraphQL PPX to start making GraphQL queries.

graphql-ppx automatically generate types for our GraphQL queries based on GraphQL schema and provides building blocks for GraphQL clients.

GraphQL PPX Installation

Let's install graphql-ppx:

npm install @reasonml-community/graphql-ppx

Next, let's add ppx-flags and update bs-dependencies in your bsconfig.json:

- "bs-dependencies": ["@rescript/react", "rescript-apollo-client"],
+ "bs-dependencies": ["@rescript/react", "rescript-apollo-client", "@reasonml-community/graphql-ppx"],
+ "ppx-flags": ["@reasonml-community/graphql-ppx/ppx"]

Next, let's add Apollo Client configuration for graphql-ppx

"ppx-flags": ["@reasonml-community/graphql-ppx/ppx"],
+ "graphql": {
+ "apolloMode": true,
+ "extendMutation": "ApolloClient.GraphQL_PPX.ExtendMutation",
+ "extendQuery": "ApolloClient.GraphQL_PPX.ExtendQuery",
+ "extendSubscription": "ApolloClient.GraphQL_PPX.ExtendSubscription",
+ "templateTagReturnType": "ApolloClient.GraphQL_PPX.templateTagReturnType",
+ "templateTagImport": "gql",
+ "templateTagLocation": "@apollo/client"
+ }

Get GraphQL Schema

graphql-ppx needs your graphql schema to be available in the form of a graphql_schema.json file.

We can get it by running the command

npx get-graphql-schema ENDPOINT_URL -j > graphql_schema.json

In our case, ENDPOINT_URL is Since our graphql endpoint is authenticated we also need pass Authorization header

npx get-graphql-schema --header "Authorization=Bearer tokenId" -j > graphql_schema.json

You can find tokenId in Request Headers section of, after logging in.

graphql_schema.json generated by above command should be placed in the root folder of the project.


Now we are ready to start making GraphQL queries.

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