Fetch public todos - subscription

Now let's define the subscription query to get notified about new public todos

Open src/components/Todo/TodoPublicListSubscription.svelte and add the following code.

import { gql } from "@apollo/client";
import { subscribe } from "svelte-apollo";
subscription notifyNewPublicTodos {
where: { is_public: { _eq: true } }
limit: 1
order_by: { created_at: desc }
) {
const todos = subscribe(NOTIFY_NEW_PUBLIC_TODOS);

What does the Subscription do?

The query fetches todos with a simple condition; is_public must be true. We also limit the number of todos to 1, since we would just like to get notified whenever a new todo comes in. We sort the todos by its latest created_at time according to the schema. We specify which fields we need for the todos node.

We already have the TodoPublicList component which renders the list of public todos. So let's pass latestTodo as a prop to that component.

{#if $todos.loading}
<div>Loading ...</div>
{:else if $todos.error}
{:else if $todos.data}
latestTodo={$todos.data.todos.length ? $todos.data.todos[0] : null}

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