Create Subscription and Render Result

So let's define the graphql subscription to be used.

Open src/components/OnlineUsers/OnlineUsersWrapper.svelte and add the following code, below the other imports

import OnlineUser from "./OnlineUser.svelte";
+ import { gql } from "@apollo/client";
+ import { subscribe, mutation } from "svelte-apollo";
+ const onlineUsers = subscribe(gql`
+ subscription getOnlineUsers {
+ online_users(order_by: { user: { name: asc } }) {
+ id
+ user {
+ name
+ }
+ }
+ }
+ `);

We are importing the subscribe function from svelte-apollo and passing the graphql subscription query to it. subscribe function returns subscription query results store. You can reference a store value by prefixing the store name with $. So subscription query results can be accessed with $onlineUsers

Add the below code to renders online users

+ {#if $onlineUsers.loading}
+ <div>loading ...</div>
+ {:else if $onlineUsers.error}
+ <div>Error!</div>
+ {:else if $}
+ <div class="onlineUsersWrapper">
+ <div class="sliderHeader">
+ Online users - {$}
+ </div>
+ {#each $ as u (}
+ <OnlineUser user={u.user} />
+ {/each}
+ </div>
+ {/if}

Refresh your svelte app and see yourself online! Don't be surprised; There could be other users online as well.

Awesome! You have completed implementations of a GraphQL Query, Mutation and Subscriptions.


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