Developer Friendly Pricing 

Use our free tier as your dev machine on the cloud.
Use our Pro tier for complex development projects or production deployments.
All plans come with auto-renewing SSL, dedicated instances of all Hasura microservices and managed Kubernetes.
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Free Tier
Use our free tier as your dev machine on the cloud.
  • 1GB disk for postgres, filestore
  • 1GB disk for your microservices
  • 1GB RAM
  • 2 custom microservices
  • Shared CPU
  • Max 300 hours per month
  • Sleeps after 1hr of inactivity
  • No custom domains
  • Pro Tier
    Install Hasura on a cloud provider of your choice. You can select the region, VM size and disk. This is best suited for apps in production.
  • Migrate across cloud vendors/regions
  • Resize infrastructure
  • Scale postgres vertically
  • Scale microservices
  • Complete access to your kubernetes cluster
  • Add custom domains
  • Create your cluster
    Pro tier currently supports only DigitalOcean. Support for other cloud providers will be available soon. Ping us on chat if you want early access to the preview for GCP, Azure or AWS.
    You can also checkout our guide or faq for more info.
    Cloud Provider
    *GST will be charged extra for Indian users.
    Can I upgrade or resize my free tier cluster?
    If you need more resources for your free tier cluster, you can upgrade it to the Pro tier and resize it. See documentation.
    What do I need to use the Pro tier?
    You just need a credit card to start using the Pro tier. Enter your billing information in the Hasura Dashboard and that's it - you can instantly create a cluster on the Pro tier.
    Can I resize a cluster on the Pro tier?
    Yes, absolutely. And you just need to decide the cluster configuration and run a single command. Check out our documentation on how to do so.
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