The GraphQL Federation Handbook

The GraphQL Federation Handbook

The ultimate guide on GraphQL federation. This definitive guide is tailor-made for developers and architects in API platform teams. It is your roadmap for navigating the terminology, tools, and challenges of GraphQL federation to achieve a seamless adoption process.

This handbook also goes beyond the fundamentals, tackling topics like API management and more, equipping you for success at every stage of your federation journey.

Download The GraphQL federation handbook today and learn about:

  • • Declaratively composing multiple GraphQL APIs into a unified, federated graph for efficient data fetching in a single request.
  • • The distinctions between GraphQL federation and schema stitching and how they impact team collaboration and more.
  • • Gain actionable strategies for integrating GraphQL seamlessly into your development workflow.
  • • Common challenges and solutions in GraphQL federation: conflict resolution, performance optimization, and security.
  • • Quality criteria for subgraphs to accelerate the GraphQL federation journey.
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