GraphQL Contributor Days - Enterprise Edition!

Photo by Chris Leipelt on Unsplash

We are ecstatic to announce that next month we will be partnering with This Dot for a special edition of GraphQL Contributor Days.

This special edition of GraphQL Contributor Days is enterprise focused, so if you’re implementing GraphQL at your enterprise company, please join us!

This is also the first GraphQL Contributors Days that is fully online and available for all to join in!

We’ve invited a few companies who have implemented GraphQL and are at different stages of their GraphQL journey to discuss the challenges and nuances on using this technology.

Another topic that will be addressed during this event will be how to collaborate with other GraphQL language libraries in the ecosystem. Key contributors to language libraries for GraphQL Java, GraphQL PHP, and GraphQL TypeScript have been invited to discuss and share their best practices and concerns within GraphQL.

Along with conversations around enterprise implementations and varying language libraries, we will be discussing the new GraphQL Foundation will special guests like Lee Byron.

The goal of Contributor Days is to not only give important updates to the community, but also a forum to provide a voice for anyone writing GraphQL to have direct access to core contributors and authors of various libraries and frameworks through live chat and an online broadcast.

This event will take place online on May 15, 2019 at 11am - 3pm PST.

Our featured guests include…

  • Lee Byron, Co-creator of GraphQL
  • Tanmai Gopal, Founder of HasuraHQ
  • Benedikt Franke, Co-Maintainer of Lighthouse
  • Connor Hastings, Senior UI Engineer Netflix
  • Ellie Day, Senior Product Engineer Atlassian
  • Eran Kampf, Tech Lead Manager at Ebates
  • Jon Wong, Staff Software Engineer at Coursera
  • Ryan Chenkie, Developer / Trainer
  • Shruti Kapoor, Software engineer at PayPal
  • Tim Griesser, Senior Software Engineer at Cypress
  • Tyler Martinez, Frontend engineer at Airbnb
  • Ivan Goncharov, GraphQL Consultant at APIs.guru
  • Rohan Deshpande, Principal Engineer at AWS AppSync
  • Rafael Staib, Founder of ChilliCream
  • Michael Staib, Founder of ChilliCream
  • Madhu Jahagirdar, Principal Architect at Philips Healthcare
  • Hugh Wilson, Core Developer at Apollo
  • Tracy Lee, Founder of This Dot & RxJS Core Team
  • Rajoshi Ghosh, Co-Founder of HasuraHQ

And more to be announced!

Check out the full details of the event here and register to get the link for the livestream and live chat!

Hope to see you there!

23 Apr, 2019
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