Announcing Open Beta of GCP Region Support on Hasura Cloud

We're excited to announce the support of more regions on Hasura Cloud. You can now deploy Hasura Cloud projects to geographies where Google Cloud Platform offers their solution, starting with select regions today in our public beta. We have been in private beta since December 2021 and have worked on improving the experience and reliability with the help of all our private beta users. Today we are happy to announce wider availability with the open beta.

Who is this for?

A lot of Hasura users have their production databases and custom business logic hosted on Google Cloud Platform (via products like Cloud SQL, Cloud Functions, GKE etc). Having the Hasura Cloud endpoint hosted in the same region will reduce latency and improve connectivity and performance.

Besides the database connectivity, co-locating custom business logic and Hasura project is key to improve response times and for those hosted on GCP products can start leveraging this.

What regions are supported today?

We are starting with support for us-west-2 for the free tier. On the paid tier, we have support for the following regions:

  • us-west-2
  • us-central-1
  • europe-west-3

As we near the GA release, we will add support for more regions.

Try it out

As we are nearing GA, we would love for those who have been waiting for GCP Region support to try this out and give us feedback.

Head to https://cloud.hasura.io and try creating a new project with any of the new regions we have added today!

09 Jun, 2022
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