Deploy Data Connectors to Hasura Cloud

Last year, we announced the Hasura Data Connector framework, which lets you build connectors and bring your own data sources to Hasura.

Today, we are now excited to announce a way to deploy these data connectors you build to Hasura Cloud.

Hasura Connector (Beta) is a CLI plugin that can be installed along with Hasura CLI to deploy and manage Data Connectors to the same Hasura Cloud platform that is running your GraphQL APIs.

Hasura Connector deploys can take any public GitHub repo with a Dockerfile, build it and deploy it on Hasura Cloud, giving you a URL that can then be used as a Data Connector Agent.


Let's take a look at how we can deploy the Hasura Connector for ClickHouse.

First, install the Hasura CLI. Once you have it installed, install the Hasura Connector Plugin and the Cloud plugin:

hasura plugins install connector
hasura plugins install cloud

Next, login to Hasura Cloud:

hasura cloud login

Once you're logged in, you can execute new commands.

Deploy ClickHouse agent to Hasura Cloud:

hasura connector create --github-url https://github.com/hasura/clickhouse_gdc_v2/tree/main

Note that you have to use a full branch or commit url so that Hasura can pull the right code.

Check the status of the connector:

hasura connector status clickhouse:r1

We can see the build logs from connector:

Once connector is deployed you will see the URL when status command is executed:

Now, head to your Hasura console and navigate to Data -> Data Connector Agents -> Add Agent and enter a name (say clickhouse) and the url you got from the output above. And then click Connect.

Now if you head to the connect database screen, you will see ClickHouse showing up as a new data source available to connect.

You can now connect to any ClickHouse database using this connector.

Note that each connector deployment is immutable, if you need to deploy a new version, please create a new connector.


In case you need to debug or troubleshoot, you can use the following command to stream logs from the connector:

hasura connector logs clickhosue:r1


  • The provided repository must be publicly accessible.
  • The provided repository should follow the GDC spec.
  • The provided repository should have a Dockerfile at the root directory which will be used to build the image.


There is no cost for using the connector while it is in Beta. There will be 3 connector deployments allowed per user if you only have free tier projects and 10 if you have at least one Professional tier project. Reach out to us if you need to deploy more.

Reach out to us – we'd like to hear from you how you're using Hasura Data Connectors.

07 Sep, 2023
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