Hasura Joins Hacktoberfest: 3rd year in a row!

It's that time of the year. DigitalOcean is back with Hacktoberfest 2020. And Hasura will be part of it again with a lot of great opportunities to contribute to open-source and win some amazing swag!

Last year, the Hasura Hacktoberfest challenge received an amazing response from our community! We had 130+ PRs ranging across all the different components of the hasura/graphql-engine & hasura/learn-graphql repos.

Below is a sneak-peek of the awesome work our community did during last year’s Hacktoberfest:

About Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest encourages open source contributions all over the world, and it’s growing larger every year. It emphasizes that everyone can get involved in open source, no matter what job they’re doing or how much experience they have.

In order to participate, head over to Digital Ocean and register through the website. The first 75,000 contributors who manage to complete the challenge will get a free and exclusive Hacktoberfest t-shirt from the organisers. You can read more about the challenge and the rules here!


We have our own version of Hacktoberfest!

You can contribute to Hasura in the following ways:

  • Submit a PR for one of our issues with the label hacktoberfest: For all valid PRs attempting to close an issue labelled hacktoberfest, we’ll send out some amazing Hasura - Hacktoberfest swag.
    Keep an eye out for our surprise Hasura swag reveal on Twitter and don't forget to vote for your favourite choice of swag!
  • Open a spontaneous PR for a small fix, example: a typo fix.
    For such PRs, we’ll send out a sticker pack to the authors.

If you have a feature or any other change in mind that you feel should be implemented, feel free to open an issue. The team will then decide to add the Hacktoberfest label.

We will ship out all swag packs latest by November end so that we give ourselves enough time to go over all your PRs please bear with us in the meantime. 🙂

Getting started

Repositories & Components

You can open PRs against one of the following repositories:

1. hasura/graphql-engine: Hasura GraphQL engine gives you instant realtime GraphQL APIs, so you can build modern apps and APIs faster. Hasura connects to your databases, REST and GraphQL servers as well as third party APIs (eg: Stripe, Salesforce) to provide a unified realtime GraphQL API across all your data sources instantly.

2. hasura/learn-graphql: Hasura’s Learn tutorials are community maintained tutorials that introduce developers to the basics of GraphQL & Hasura.

We’ve curated collections of issues suitable for Hacktoberfest participants for various components of the above mentioned repositories:

Hasura’s core engine is built in Haskell and we, at Hasura, have a special place in our hearts for the language and the community. Check out our recent blog post by Tanmai Gopal to learn more about how Hasura is committed to invest in the Haskell community. We especially welcome any Haskell contributions on our server, and we are happy to help you get started.

Contributing guides

Before you get started, read through the contributing guide of the component you’d like to work on:


Here are a few guidelines that will help make the Hacktoberfest experience a fun experience for everyone!

Working on an issue

Hacktoberfest is a great way to encourage open source contributions and help beginners get started. To ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to contribute, we won’t be assigning issues to a single contributor. To show that you're working on a certain issue, comment on the issue of interest and make sure to reference it in your PR so that other participants can see the progress.

Code of conduct

Open source is all about learning with and giving back to the community. To facilitate this, it is pivotal for us to create and maintain an inclusive space so that everyone can learn and grow together.
Please go through to our Code of Conduct thoroughly and adhere to it. Any violations of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and will further lead to disqualification from the challenge.

Quality over quantity

As the old saying goes, the more the merrier — we truly appreciate, and hence, encourage you to contribute to as many issues as you can. However, we also believe that quality trumps quantity and thus, abide by the official Hacktoberfest quality standards while reviewing PRs. PRs that do not match these quality standards will not be considered as eligible for completion of the challenge.

First time contributors, we got you!

Hacktoberfest is an amazing opportunity for newcomers to get started with open-source! We want to make it a streamlined process for newbies as they make their first ever contribution so they can focus on learning and having fun with the community!

We have tagged issues suitable for newcomers with the label good first issue across all our open source projects. Here is a list of good first issues for newcomers to check out!

Need help?

If you need help getting started with contributing to Hasura, we’ve got your back! You can get in touch with us on your preferred channels:

  • Open a new GitHub Discussion (after checking if your question has already been posted by someone else)
  • Talk to us on the #contrib channel on Discord
  • Tweet at us!

We are happy to answer your questions and to help you get started with contributing to Hasura!

Office hours

If you have questions about issues or if you need help getting started, you can also join our office hours. This will be a live Q&A happening on Discord where you can ask all your questions.

The exact date and time of these office hours will be updated on this blogpost closer to the event.

We want you to win!

We are super stoked to have you all participate and celebrate open-source yet again with the Hasura Community!

Follow us on Twitter to keep an eye out for updates (like the surprise swag reveal 😉) & join us on our Discord to come hang out with the rest of the Hasura community!

Share your excitement!

Finally, share your excitement with the community by tweeting at us @HasuraHQ with the hashtag #HacktoberfestWithHasura!

(tip: everyone loves GIFs and emojis)

Pick a tweet idea for your awesome #HacktoberfestWithHasura tweet:

  • This is my ____ year of #HacktoberfestWithHasura! What about you all?
  • Super excited to be participating in #HacktoberfestWithHasura for the ____ time this year! What are you contributing to?
  • Can’t wait to get started with #HacktoberfestWithHasura!
    What about you? @HasuraHQ
  • I am excited to contribute to @HasuraHQ on the (*insert the collection of issues you’re excited to contribute to eg: CLI, Docs, Haskell, Learn, Console*) collection!
    What are y’all contributing to?

Or just wing it yourself! We can’t wait to see all your fun tweets!

24 Sep, 2020
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