Introducing Hasura Monitoring with New Relic

We are excited to announce the latest in our APM integrations with the release of New Relic. Available for Hasura Cloud's Standard Plan and with Hasura Enterprise for on-prem or private cloud deployments, this feature expands our support for logging and metrics to even more teams.

Integrating New Relic with Hasura Cloud is a matter of copy-pasting your access tokens into the Hasura project configuration. Taken directly from the New Relic website, New Relic lets you "instrument, analyze, troubleshoot, and optimize your entire software stack."

Why add New Relic to Hasura

Observability is a critical component to building resilient tech-stacks, and having a native integration for tools that can ingest your logs and metrics simplifies your APM infrastructure and logging infrastructure in general.

What data gets sent to New Relic

You can read much more about the integration in our in-depth documentation, but in brief, we send logging events across http and ws with the following 5 metrics:

  1. Average number of requests
  2. Average request execution time
  3. Success rate of requests
  4. Active subscriptions
  5. Number of websockets open.

Additional metrics will be added in the future. If you have a specific measurement need, let us know!

How to get Started

You can reference the documentation above, or view the following guide that shows how to quickly add New Relic to your Hasura projects and view the exported logs.

Integrating New Relic with Hasura Cloud
02 Apr, 2021
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