Introducing Hasura User Groups (HUGs)

Meetups are a great way to connect with other folks in your local community who share the same passions and interests as you. Tech-focused meetups are no different – they are a quicker, and typically more fun way, to learn, share and grow your knowledge in a particular tool or topic. We have seen the magic and energy of in-person Hasura user meetups before the great pandemic forced us all to go virtual.

Now with the world moving back to in-person, we want to go back to the old days and create more opportunities for local Hasura users to come together. It’s also something we are seeing renewed interest from community members. And so with that context, we have an exciting announcement! We are thrilled to announce Hasura User Groups – or HUGs for short – a collective of Hasura user meetups in various locations around the world.

Our goals with HUGs to build and nurture local Hasura user communities – either directly or by working with and enabling local Hasura champions. You can see a list of HUGs that are already active in different cities across the world here.

So, what’s in a HUG?

If you are a Hasura user, or are broadly interested in learning more about how Hasura can fit into your tech stack or solve your problem, a HUG is a great local resource for you.

  • Meet other Hasura users: find out about the unique ways they’re using Hasura, learn from and help them solve the challenges they’re facing, and maybe even find someone to join your team :)
  • Meet the Hasura team We’ve got engineers and employees all over the world – HUGs are a great way to connect with Hasura team members in your city.
  • Teach Love to spread knowledge? Meetups are a great way to demo (and even run workshops) on what folks can do with Hasura
  • Meet GraphQL community: Hasura users are typically also GraphQL users: invite them over and talk about all things GraphQL

HUG meetup structure and formats

We want the local HUG organizers to have flexibility to structure the HUG to suit the preference and needs of the local community – as long as it broadly fits into the Hasura / GraphQL theme. So a HUG meeting might take various flavors:

  • Talks - A standard meetup format, where invited speaker to talk about what they are doing with Hasura
  • Group learning sessions - A small group of Hasura users get together to dive into and learn a particular concept, feature or product area together.
  • Workshops - Typically a hands-on affair where HUG members can explore a relevant topic in-depth and do some live-coding.
  • Watch parties - Hasura hosts a number of live streamed events (webinars, conferences, etc). Get your local HUG together, to watch it in a group and chat about it after!

Want to organize a HUG in your city?

While the Hasura team will be organizing and running HUGs in many locations, we would love help from the massive global Hasura community to run HUGs in your area (with ample help from us, of course).

How to become a HUG organizer

We got you covered with this in-depth HUG Organizer’s Guide, which also details all the monetary and logistical support you will receive from the Hasura team.

Ready to bring the local Hasura community together? Apply here to organize a HUG in your area. Got questions? Reach out to [email protected] and he will help you out.

We look forward to seeing you at a local HUG, or working with you in putting one together!

21 Sep, 2022
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