Uptime monitoring (actively observing uptime & downtime) is important to determine the availability & reliability of the servers on which your app is running.

Error Logging

Finding and fixing errors in Hasura Cloud

Serverless architecture is renowned for the difficulty to track and trace errors. Whether it's a customer or a developer reporting unexpected behaviour, the cause of the error is often opaque behind the error handling (ie. "Please contact support"). As Hasura Cloud sits at the intersection of the entire application stack, it becomes a natural place to surface what originally caused the problem in the first place. Errors, catch them all In Hasura Cloud, we have in-depth error handling, available
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin
15 April, 2021

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Introducing Hasura Monitoring with DataDog

We’re excited to announce that you can monitor your Hasura projects with Datadog. Available for Hasura Cloud’s Standard Plan and with Hasura Enterprise for on-prem or private cloud deployment, this feature lets you send operation logs to your organization's Datadog dashboard.
Steven Yi
Steven Yi
23 November, 2020

GraphQL Observability with Hasura GraphQL Engine and Honeycomb

Observability (in software world) means you can answer any questions about what’s happening on the inside of the system just by observing…
Praveen Durairaju
Praveen Durairaju
27 September, 2018

Uptime Monitoring for Hasura GraphQL Engine with DataDog on GKE

Uptime monitoring is an important set up to determine availability and reliability of the servers in which your application is running…
Praveen Durairaju
Praveen Durairaju
24 September, 2018