Finding and fixing errors in Hasura Cloud

Serverless architecture is renowned for the difficulty to track and trace errors. Whether it's a customer or a developer reporting unexpected behaviour, the cause of the error is often opaque behind the error handling (ie. "Please contact support"). As Hasura Cloud sits at the intersection of the entire application stack, it becomes a natural place to surface what originally caused the problem in the first place.

Errors, catch them all

In Hasura Cloud, we have in-depth error handling, available under the monitoring tab. You can trace the protocol, the operation name, the input variables and more, and filter by all of those vectors, to quickly identify which error was experienced and identify the root cause.

In this deep-dive video we'll cover how to use the error monitoring tab in Hasura Cloud to improve customer-service response times and application hardening.

Finding and fixing errors

We also have an article on the top GraphQL errors and how to fix them.

15 Apr, 2021
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