What's new in Hasura Caching!

We are thrilled to announce a set of exciting improvements to Hasura's caching capabilities. With these latest updates, we aim to provide you with even better performance and observability, ensuring a seamless experience while working with your data.

Let's dive into the details of what's new in Hasura Caching.

Caching now available on Hasura Cloud Free

We understand the importance of caching for optimizing your application's performance. To empower developers, we have enabled caching on the Hasura Cloud Free tier. You can now use caching with a generous 100 MB storage limit, free of charge.

Redis clusters for caching (Enterprise Edition)

For those seeking enterprise-grade caching solutions on your self-hosted setup, we're delighted to announce support for Redis clusters in Hasura's caching system. Redis clusters offer unparalleled scalability and high availability, ensuring your caching infrastructure handles even the most demanding workloads. With this new addition, you can elevate your caching capabilities to new heights.

Note: Hasura Cloud is already tuned for variable workloads and extended caching capabilities, and Redis cluster support is a powerful addition to Enterprise Edition self-hosted users.

Improved caching on Remote Schemas and Actions

We understand that caching data with proper authorization should not be limited to just database responses. Now, you can efficiently cache responses from remote schemas and actions even if you have forward_client_headers enabled.

Usually, this is the way to pass down the user context to the remote schema or actions server so that the external server can understand user/role context and generate responses accordingly. With the new enablement, now Hasura will securely cache responses for each header configuration and make sure the cached data will only be available to the same header requests.

With the ability to cache remote schema responses and Actions, you can reduce the latency associated with fetching data from external sources. This provides faster responses to your clients and also reduces the load on the remote schema or actions server when there is a cacheable data response.

Take advantage of this enhancement to deliver a more responsive and seamless user experience.  

Improved observability with Prometheus metrics

Ensuring observability is crucial for understanding the performance and behavior of your applications.

To assist you in this endeavor, we added more caching-related Prometheus metrics. This provides comprehensive insights into your caching system's efficiency, allowing you to monitor cache hit/miss rates, and other crucial performance indicators. With enhanced observability, you can effectively optimize your caching strategies.

More details on individual caching metrics are documented here.

We believe these enhancements will significantly improve your experience with Hasura's caching capabilities. Whether you are a developer on the Hasura Cloud Free plan, or an enterprise user leveraging Redis clusters, these updates are designed to enhance your application's performance and provide the necessary tools to monitor and optimize your caching infrastructure.

For detailed instructions and more information, be sure to check out our updated documentation.

Start exploring the new features today and unlock the true potential of caching in Hasura!  Sign up to start your journey with Hasura Cloud.

29 Jun, 2023
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