From chaos to cohesion: A deep dive into the supergraph architecture

From chaos to cohesion: A deep dive into the supergraph architecture

Feb 22, 2024
9:00 am PT

Developers today must contend with networks of highly complex data while building and maintaining multiple API endpoints. The consequences? Slower time-to-market, costly technical debt, and even more burden on the teams running the applications.

In this live demo, we will show you how Hasura is helping enterprises streamline data integration, orchestration, and API development by leveraging GraphQL’s single endpoint for queries within a unified supergraph architecture.

Sandip Devarkonda
Sandip Devarkonda
Field CTO, Hasura
The Brief

What you will learn

A supergraph is an architecture and operating model to build and scale multiple data domains as a single graph of composable entities and operations.

Supergraphs are a compelling architectural solution to the data access pains (and resulting time-to-market delays) caused by the accelerating data and microservice sprawl in the modern enterprise.

In this interactive discussion, Hasura Field CTO, Sandip Devarkonda will lead a discussion on:
  • Why enterprises need a data supergraph
  • Core principles of a supergraph architecture
  • How to bring supergraph into your enterprise
  • Preview: Hasura’s new supergraph platform
When you should consider a supergraph:
  • Microservices proliferation leads to a complex landscape of APIs with different conventions
  • Building and maintaining multiple APIs is expensive and time-consuming
  • Data integration and orchestration becomes a major challenge as the number of microservices grows
  • You’re working with or moving towards GraphQL to help you unify your data access
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