From Monolith to Supergraph: How to Tame Microservice Complexity and Chaos

From Monolith to Supergraph: How to Tame Microservice Complexity and Chaos

Dec 14, 2023
9:00 am PT

Microservices are a popular counter to the monolith. But as their use has expanded, so has the complexity and tangled mess of enterprise architectures. Hasura CEO and co-founder Tanmai Gopal discusses why architects are rethinking the way they build, maintain and integrate microservices.

Tanmai Gopal
Tanmai Gopal
Founder & CEO at Hasura
The Brief

What you will learn

Microservices allow flexibility, developer autonomy and iteration speed. But in large enterprises product teams struggle with accessing and integrating data from decentralized domain API, data teams are consumed with building and operating microservices and enterprise architectures have become a tangled mess.

More and more, leading enterprises are turning to a supergraph architecture to solve data access and integration pains, and remove time-to-market delays.

This is a webinar you won’t want to miss, especially if…
  • API dev cycles are slowing product teams, or
  • Microservice sprawl is causing data integration pains
In this interactive discussion, Hasura co-founder and CEO, Tanmai Gopal will explore:
  • Why enterprises need a data supergraph
  • Core principles of a supergraph architecture
  • How to bring supergraph into your enterprise
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