What next?

Congratulations! That brings us to the end of the GraphQL Tutorial. By now, you should have a good grasp of GraphQL concepts and terminologies to be able to get your hands dirty in trying out the Backend or Frontend.

In case you are wondering what to do next, we suggest the following:

Take the Hasura backend course

We have an Introduction to Hasura backend course to build the backend for a realtime todo app.

Take the Frontend course

We have a bunch of frontend courses based on the framework of your choice.

Join Discord for Support

We have a Discord Channel for those who are new to GraphQL. Please post your queries or feedback regarding this course. It is a pretty active channel.

Here's the invite link to join Discord.

More sample apps

We have a bunch of sample apps created using React, Apollo Client and Hasura GraphQL Engine.

Check out the sample apps to get a taste of how realtime GraphQL and Auth work with Hasura. We also have boilerplates to help you get started quickly with React and Apollo.

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